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Whose House!? -My House Foo.

Well it’s official… I finally moved out!! And I must say that it feels really good! It was either now or never – and I chose *Now*. I just wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I turned 25 & still lived at home [not that there is anything wrong with that]. But my ego would let me do it. My pride wanted me to get out and experience more [Let’s see what this real world ish is all about] you know? I’m excited tho. I mean I feel like my house is a trap house a little bit – I got money coming in but a lot of money going out too [#Wordto Jeezy, my Thug Motivation: 101 fans know what I’m tawkinbooout]. Bills are no joke. But bills are just more incentive for me to try NOT to get fired and continue to be productive at work [fyi I’m at work right now, so I’m definitely losing].

The next “BIG THING” I’m looking forward to is getting my house together and planning my house warming party in three weeks. Sounds like a tight time frame but I looked at the rest of the year & that is literally my only free wknd to have a party. Slowly, I’m becoming more & more obsessed with interior decorating shows, blogs, etc. I have been using them for inspiration for my first place. We will see how things turn out. I guess I can post a before after picture of my kitchen/living/dining room area [which is basically all together]. My color scheme for this area is going to be neutrals, like beige/tan, and white and then a pop of color, *neon green*! Which is indubitably my favorite color [navy blue too]. But yea the first thing I am doing is getting more pillows for my couch [because I’m a pillow whore] and then painting a little bit, and then finding the perfect window treatment [geez I sound like an old biddy]. Whatever I can appreciate a fine window treatment when I see one [& my friends better appreciate it too]. I never knew curtain rods were so expensive! Alas, in 3 weeks however complete or incomplete my house may be, so be it; The party starts at 730pm precisely, there will be hors d’oeuvres, desserts, Halloween Candy, & lots of booze [I may have to bring out the TPHunch on ya’ll!!!] uh-oh #GSUtrackmemories…

Nonetheless - Gifts WILL be received & FUN will be had.

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